Wholesale Drive In Rack
Drive-in pallet racking can be divided into one-way and two-way arrangement according to the picking direction. The total depth of one-way (wall area) racks should be controlled within the depth of six pallets, and the total depth of two-way (middle area can be picked up on both sides) racks should be controlled within the depth of 12 pallets, so as to improve the efficiency of forklift access (in this kind of rack system, forklift is a continuous "high lift and high hit" operation mode The forklift is easy to shake and hit the rack, so it is very important to consider the stability fully). The stability of this kind of storage system is weak, and the rack should not be too high. Generally, it should be controlled within 10 meters.
Our patented technology:
Our rack includes several frame units, each frame unit includes two columns of supporting rods symmetrically arranged, between which is a crossbeam for placing the cargo tray, the protection device includes several sleeves arranged around the circumference of the supporting column, the upper and lower ends of the supporting column are provided with a fixing plate for installing the fixing sleeve, and the sleeve and the fixing plate are detachable and connected The sleeve is arranged on the fixed plate by radial sliding distributed along its circumference, and between the sleeve and the fixed plate is provided with an elastic part which drives the sleeve to slide towards the end far away from the support column. Since the two ends of the sleeve are detachable and connected with the fixed plate, the sleeve can be easily removed and installed from the support column. During maintenance, the sleeve can be easily replaced, and only the damaged sleeve needs to be replaced to reduce the maintenance cost.
If you need to make full use of your storage space, please contact us and provide the following information for our quick quotation.
1. Pallet size, entry fork direction, pallet capacity.
2. Your warehouse area, height, etc.
3. Your forklift data.Wholesale Drive In Rack

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