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Hydraulic system
1. The normal working temperature is between 30 鈩?~ 60 鈩? and the maximum temperature is not more than 85 鈩?
2. The oil tank shall be kept clean without any sundries. Dust.
3. The oil level of oil tank shall be replenished in place in time as required.
4. The oil tank shall be cleaned in time, one month after being put into use, and every six months thereafter, i.e. the crude oil shall be discharged completely. The working environment shall be free of dust and sundries. After sedimentation for 24 hours, it shall be filtered by 15um filter screen, then injected into the cleaned oil tank, and properly refueled. It is not allowed to pour the polluted bottom oil back into the oil tank, and dust and sundries are not allowed in the working environment.
5. The circulating water in the cooler shall be sufficient. In case of water leakage, it shall be treated in time, and the cooling water shall be discharged completely in winter.
6. Pay attention to the working conditions of the pressure gauge, solenoid valve and reversing valve at all times, and solve the problems quickly if any.

Technical specification
Cycle time: 15-20(s)Vibration Type: hydraulic and motor
Total Power: 45.1(kw)Vibration Force: 105(KN)
Vibration Frequency: 50HzGross Weight: 12800(kg)
Pallet size : 1100脳880脳25mmMachine Size:11500脳4050脳2800(mm)
Rated Pressure: 31.5(mpa)stacker power:3kw
Block Specification Tongueroduction per shift (8 hours)
390脳190脳190mm 10(pcs){hollow brick}14,400-19,200(pcs)
240脳115脳51mm 52(pcs) {solid brick}73,440-97,920(pcs)
240脳115脳90mm 24(pcs) {multi-holes brick}34,560-46,080(pcs)
200脳100脳60mm 36(pcs) {color paver}about 51,640(pcs)

Multiple uses. It can produce all types of standard building blocks by changing mould. A. Multi-holes block and hollow block ; B. Ceram site heat preservation block; C. Composite heat preservation concrete block.
We also supply other smaller types automatic hollow block making machine,semi automatic concrete block making machine,and small electric cement brick making machine.Welcome to send inquiry to us, once get your information,we will contact you and send you details at the first time!Cement Brick Machine suppliers

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