China Tundish Slide Plate factory
Unburned slide plate used for middle and samll size ladle and tundish
1.  The physical and chemical properties of high temperature burned Al-C and Al-Zr-C slide plate are as follow:
ITEMAl-C Slide Plate
Al2O3, %7075808586
C, %77554
A.P., %鈮?/p>10108107
B.D., g/cm32.
C.C.S., MPa 鈮?/p>6570100100100
2. To meet the needs of continuous casting and reducing steelmaking costs for small and medium-sized steel plant, we have developed unburned slide gate series products 鈥?unburned Al-C slide plate, which adopts tabular alumina and high pure graphite, adds in proper amount of additive and antioxidant, uses phenolic resin as binder, pressed under press machine. The unburned Al-C plates have the following features: no need to be burned, tar impregnated and distilled, simple processing. This product mainly used in small and medium-sized ladle.
Flow chart of the unburned slide gate plate.
3. The company now has most advanced manufacturing and testing equipments of refractory materials, spare no effort in introducing the automatic control technology like electronic automatic batching system, program controlled screw press, etc, and forcefully promotes the technology application of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental production through using microwave drying and nitrogen protection, natural gas and self-produced gas firing so as to provide solid material and technical foundation to assure the products quality.
4. Scientific and strict management system and perfect after-sale service will effectively guarantee the overall contract of steel continuous casting. At present our products mainly supply to more than 20 large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises, such as Capital Steel, Baotou Steel, Benxi Steel, Anshan Steel, Handan Steel, Laiwu Steel etc. And also exported to North America, Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States, Southeast Asia etc.
5. Packaging Details锛?/p>
Wooden pallets with plastic film or according to your request.
1. Strong packing protects the goods from any possible damage during transit.
2. Solid packing and overall stuffing prevent the cases from vibration and jarring.
3. Further packing information based on customer's requirements
6. We sincerely welcome friends from home and aborad to visit our plant!China Tundish Slide Plate factory

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