cheap Gasoline and LPG Forklifts
3 Ton gasoline LPG Forklift Feature
1. Environment friendliness
Low noise and exhaust emissions make Noelift forklift environment friendliness.
2. Outstanding comfort
Operation comfort is improved through ergonomic design, enlarged operation space and reasonable layout.
3. Safety and reliability
It is designed to be thougher and more durable
4. Easy maintenance
It is easy to carry out maintenance  and thus prolongs truck service life.
5. Excellent working efficiency
The operating performance and efficiency are improved.
3T gasoline lpg four wheel forklift Specifiction
3.0T Gasoline/LPG Forklift Truck Engine Option
Q:How the product pricing and how to consult prices?
A:We priced according to the customer's choice of tonnage and stacking height of the goods.And you can inquiry by TM,skype or send e-mail to us.
Q:What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
A:-The weight of the goods to be handled and the height of the stack.
-FOB price is our usual price term, if you need CIF price, please let us know your port of destination.
-If you need to customize, please send specific Gasoline and LPG Forklifts

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