GIGA 4x2 Tractor Head With ISUZU 6WG1 Engine
ChongQing ISUZU (Shanghai) Motors Sales & Service Co., Ltd. specializes in all kinds of modified vehicles of Qingling ISUZU truck chassis. With a professional attitude and excellent service, we are committed to providing not only high quality special trucks but also spare parts and technical support to customers.
Qingling Motors Co., Ltd. is the only commercial vehicle manufacturer of ISUZU Japan in China. At present, it mainly produces ISUZU light, medium and heavy-duty full range of commercial vehicles with international advanced technology and quality, and five series of diesel engines with power ranging from 100 horsepower to 520 horsepower and one serie of gasoline engines .
In 1985, QINGLING and ISUZU jointly established the first Sino-Japanese joint venture in China's auto industry. In 1994, it became the first Chinese autoindustry to go public. In 2005, ISUZU Japan Company increased its capital and shares to Qingling Motor Co., Ltd. China and Japan have implemented joint operations to comprehensively deepen cooperation in technology, management, market and capital. In recent years, foreign cooperation has taken a strategic new step, launching a new generation of products such as GIGA heavy-duty vehicles and 4JZ light-duty engines simultaneously with Japan Isuzu. It further highlights its position as the only commercial truck partner of ISUZU in China.
IATF16949QES 287QES 287
QES 287QES 287QES 287
QES 287GIGA 4x2 Tractor Head With ISUZU 6WG1 Engine

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