Filling Machine price
GFZCQ - 6  Automatic in-line plunger filling machine, this machine is 6 - head straight line oil quantitative filling machine.Suitable for oil filling machine for round and various shape glass bottles and plastic bottles.The filling principle is to set the filling quantity and filling speed to PLC through the touch screen, after the conversion of PLC, the pulse quantity and pulse rate will be sent to the stepper motor driver, the driver received the pulse, the stepper motor according to the setting of the touch screen to drive the high-precision gear pump to achieve the filling process.The filling volume set by the touch screen is controlled by the rotor number of the stepper motor driving the gear pump. The filling speed set by the touch screen is controlled by the speed of the stepper motor driving the gear pump.After the replacement of a small number of parts and the appropriate corresponding adjustment, can be different height and different diameter of glass bottles and plastic bottles for filling, high versatility, wide range of application.
Technical features and parameters
Number of filling valves6
Production capacity600 bottles/hour - 800 bottles/hour
suitable filling container size桅 - 桅 165 mm or 65 bottles of 65-140mm, height 180-360 mm
Power voltagethree-phase four-wire 380v power supply
Air source0.4-0.8MPa 0.1m鲁 / min
Host profile size1500mm * 1000mm * 2200mm
Equipment weight500 kg
Q: how do I know your machine is designed for my product?
A: If you don't mind, you can send us A sample and we'll test it on the machine.
In the meantime, we will take videos and clearer pictures for you.We can also show you online via video chat.
Q: How can I trust your first collaboration?
A: please pay attention to the business license and certificate on our website.If you do not trust us, we recommend that you use alibaba transaction guarantee service for all transactions to protect your funds and ensure the services we provide to you.
Q: How about the after-sales service and warranty period?
A: we offer A warranty of 12 months after arrival.Technical support is available around the clock.We strongly recommend that you keep all the original packaging.This is a precautionary measure to make sure you have the machine you need if it has to be sent for repair.We have a professional team and experienced technicians to serve in foreign countries, and do a good job in after-sales service, to ensure the lifetime use of the machine.
Q: How can I contact you?
A: please find your contact information on this page. You can contact us by email, WeChat, skype, WhatsApp, QQ, Facebook, phone, etc.Filling Machine price

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