Insulating Fibreglass Tube
Property of silicone rubber coated sleeving
ElasticityThe coated film shouldn't break away glass iber or craze after treated at the temperature of 200卤 5鈩?for 3 hours
Flame retardantMethod B for less than 60 seconds
Heat resistanceThe coated film shouldn't break away glass fiber or craze afer threated at the temperature of 200卤 5鈩?for 72 hours
Breakdown voltage(V)Under normal condition 1500/2500/4000/7000
Under moist condition 450/800/1200/2200
1. Fiberglass braid
2. Silicone impregnated coating
Silicone rubber fiberglass sleeving (inside fiber and outside rubber) is weaved into tubes, then formed the product by painting with silicone rubber under high temperature. It has excellent dielectric, automatic flame off-self, and softness feature than silicone fiberglass sleeving, widely used in the class H&N motor, household electrical appliances, heating equipment,the special lamps and lanterns, TV set and electric instrument.Insulating Fibreglass Tube

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