17mm Hex Titanium Lug Nut tuning
Who we are?
Wisdom Titanium was founded in 2013 and is located in China titanium valley鈥擝aoji, focused on the research as well as the development of titanium alloy bolts, nuts and accessories for racing industry, aviation, medical etc.
Main products
Titanium racing bolts, nuts, studs for car, motorcycle, bicycle are our main products. Besides, we also supply related titanium special shaped parts solution, and experienced in developing new products and references from your samples or idea.
Why us?
All the bolts and nuts in Wisdom TItanium are made from high quality titanium bars. 鈥淪trict quality control, pay attention to the details of production鈥?is our service philosophy. To ensure that every meet the quality standards, we begin to control the quality from raw materials strictly and entrusts a reliable organization-- Baoji titanium valley new material testing center to check every batch of materials and strive to make every screw delivered to customers is perfect. Our inch thread adhere to Class 2A and our metrics meet class 6g and use tapered transitions from thread to shank. The under-head fillet of each part is carefully controlled so as to optimally strengthen while not adversely effecting fitment. The surface roughness of products in general Indicates Ra 0.4. All work pieces are produced in strict accordance with the drawings, and carefully detected before packing and shipping.
We really appreciate it and response seriously to cstomer feedback question and problem. Through this communication process, we improve our products timely so that always reach and meet the needs of customers and markets.
Quick contact
For more information about our titanium products and services, email sales@wisdomtitanium.com or telephone +8618729703493(whats-app)
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Sincere thanks by Wisdom Titanium team!17mm Hex Titanium Lug Nut tuning

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