Cylindrical Brush Made in China
Product information:
Sweeper Style Roller Brush
roller lengthCustomized on request
roller materialIron, steel, plastic, nylon, etc.
Roller diameterCustomized on request
Brush wire lengthCustomized on request
Brush wire materialPlastic wire, nylon wire, animal and plant brush wire, copper wire, steel wire, fiber brush wire, etc.
Brush wire diameterCustomized on request
Brush wire colorCustomized on request
Flocking wayWinding type,Martin flocking type
Brush wire shapeCustomized on request
Product description
These brushes are made by stapling knots of filament into pre drilled cores. The most commonly used brush patterns are staggered rows, helix or chevron patterns with parallel & spiral rows also available. Bristles can be inserted straight into pre drilled cores or can be inserted on an angle of up to 30° in both left and right hand designs. The size and thickness of the bristle will determine the overall strength of the brush.
Product Usage
Customer questions and answers
Q1.Are you a manufacture?
Yes.We have been in providing the professional solutions in cleaning industry over 20 years.
Q2.What detail should I provide if I want to get a quotation?
● The size of the brush(Inner diameter x Outer diameter);
● The weight of whole brush;
● The material of the brush;
● The quantity.
Q3.Do you sell components or parts of brushes?
Yes.We also provide a range of brushes' parts,like filaments,plates,steel wire,buckle,etc.Cylindrical Brush Made in China

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