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KFEW  equivalent dust filters fit the Silo Top R03 which is a dust collector for venting of pneumatically filled silos. The carbon plastic body of the Silo Top contains the vertically mounted, Polypleat filter elements.
Silo Top Filter and Hopper Jet Filter/ KFEW equivalents are widely used in cement silos. The RO1 and R03 is 935mm (high) x 425mm (wide) x 50mm (deep). It has 3.64 M² of surface area. The filter media is spun bonded polyester with a STD or anti-static finish or PTFE. Other lengths available, Hopper jet 528mml and KFEW2 , 778mml.
Buy Our  Silo Top Filter / Hopper Jet Filter Equivalent With Confidence
As with all of our filters, our  Silo Top filter / Hopper Jet/ KFEW  filter equivalents are made by hand at our factory in the heart of china
Our dust filters are made using high Quality  Medias.
We have over 10 year of experience, exporting our products to businesses worldwide
We can manufacture bespoke filters to fit any criteria. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please click here to request a quote based on your specifications.
Series KFEW Collector Filter
KFEW3001PP  KFEW3007PP Filter Elements price

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