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Bio: Both hardshell and inflatable kayaks can be categorized into two different styles:

Sit-on-top kayak (SOT) and

Sit-in kayak (SIT)

The two designs differ drastically from one another, and each suits a different purpose.

The differences between sit-on-top vs. sit-in kayaks

The most apparent distinction between sit-inside and sit-on-top inflatable kayaks (& hardshell models) is that SIKs have an enclosed cockpit that positions the paddler inside the boat at or below the water level. In contrast, SOT kayakers sit on top of the kayak above the water’s surface.

This fundamental divergence of design affects every aspect of their use and purpose.

The sit-on-top model is the most popular design among beginners and recreational kayakers because it does not make the paddler feel like they are trapped inside of the kayak’s cockpit if they capsize.

If they do tip over for some reason, they are far easier to reen

The sit-inside model is more prevalent among intermediate and advanced paddlers because its design provides a significantly lower center of gravity, resulting in enhanced secondary stability during specific activities (which I’ll talk about later).

The cockpit of a SIK kayak is surrounded by a rim for attaching a spray skirt to keep water out.
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