Water Reducing Agent
About Us
Our History
Established in 1998
Our Factory
Shandong Fuyang Biotech Co.,Ltd is the leading manufacturer of corn starch, modified starch and sodium gluconate in China. Our capacity includes 700000MT corn starch, 100000MT modified starch, 200000MT sodium gluconate,10000MT GDL and 20000MT trehalose.
Our Product
Corn starch, modified starch, sodium gluconate, trehalose,glucono-delta-lactone
Product Application
Food, paper, textile,pharma,concrete
Our Certificate
ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO22000,Halal, Kosher
Production Equipment
Cleaning equipment,separating machine,milling machine
Production Market
Sodium gluconate: cover 2/3 India market and 30% of world market
Corn starch and modified starch export to more than 30 countries and area include East and South Asia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Middle East, etc.
Our Service
24 hour after sales service and return or exchange for unqualified productsWater Reducing Agent

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